Cheap Air Tickets: Fulfilling Even The Poor Man’s Dream Of Flying!
23.07.2013 15:29


In the recent past, flying was something that was reserved for the wealthy and even when the middle class travelers wanted to get out of the country in order to look for better work or educational opportunities, they would have to save up for months and even years to be able to afford that air ticket. Today however, all this has changed to a great extent and not are the middle class travelers enjoying worry free travel today, but the scenario is that even the poor are now dreaming of taking to the skies, and fulfilling them too! This is indeed great news for India, where even the poor can do what they wish to do, as long as they work towards it!

The Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) doing the rounds in the Indian skies have ensured that cheap air tickets are readily available for those who wish to fly. Not all those who take these flights are businesspersons and leisure travelers. Some of them also buy these tickets so that at least once in their lives, they may experience what it is to fly! Considering the infatuation that humans have had with flying, this is of course natural!

Today, even the daily laborer can buy these cheap air tickets provided he saves up for it and this is something that is quite an achievement in a country where flying was considered as something one could only dream about. Coming close to this dream and actually living it is what has been made possible by the low cost flying segment in India today, a fact that is indeed commendable!


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