Cheap Air Tickets to Fit for Any Budget
21.10.2013 14:25

Would you believe it that one of the private sector airlines put forth its launching offer as Rs. 99/- for air tickets to domestic destinations in India? It is true, the air travel industry is changing drastically and anyone can find easy and economic options to book a flight ticket without burning a hole in his/her pocket. The air travel sector is more liberalized now as an impact of privatization and many new service providers came into picture in the last few years’ time. All of them are competing to offer the best services at the most economic packages and this in turn proves out to be very beneficial for the users. In many routes, you can easily find cheap air tickets, which will not cost you much more than AC train ticket fares.

The best place for you to conduct a search for cheap air ticket is the internet. All airline companies have their own websites through which they present many special offers and seasonal discounts. You can browse through all these options and find our some real lucrative deals in terms of ticket booking.

Advanced ticket booking is also a good method to enjoy better deals on cheap air tickets. Usually airlines increase their ticket fare as the travel date nears. If you are on a planned trip, then the best time to book ticket is at about 30 days before travel. There is a scope if you can at least make the booking 15 days prior to the travel date. In certain off-seasons, the tickets rates may go down to more than 60% on advance booking.


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